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Exhibitions/Festivals (selected)


I am a Grade D Artist [solo exhibition] (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong)
我是丁級藝術家 [個展](香港/香港浸會大學)


Infr’Action – Festival International d’Art Performance (Sete, France)(法國/塞特)


I Think It Rains (Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong )
滴溚 滴(香港˙牛棚藝術村 )


TransArt CommunicaTION (Košice /Slovakia)(斯洛伐克/科希策)

Là-bas Biennale (Helsinki, Vassa /Finland)(芬蘭/赫爾辛基、瓦薩)

  Head of HKSAR‧Made in Hong Kong (Artist Commune, Hong Kong)


4th Beyond Pressure Festival of Performance Art (Yangon, Mandalya /Burma)(緬甸/仰光、曼德勒)
  Experimentica 1.1 (Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff /UK)(英國/卡地夫)
  Infr’Action Venezia 2011 (Venice Biennale, Venice /Italy)(意大利/威尼斯雙年展)
  Live Action Göteburg 2011 (Museum of World Culture, Göteburg /Sweden) (瑞典/哥德堡․世界文化博物館)
  1+1 -- A Cross-Strait Four-Regions Artistic Exchange Project (He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen /China; Hong Kong Arts Centre; Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipe /Taiwan)
1+1 ——兩岸四地藝術交流計劃(中國/深圳;香港;台北/台灣)


Guangzhou Live 010 (53 Art Museum, Guangzhou /China) (中國/廣州․五三美術館)
  Performance Art Network Asia (Incheon Art Platform, Gwangju Museum of Art /Korea) (韓國/仁川藝術平台、光州藝術館)


(Performance) (Grace Exhibition Space, New York /USA)
  Heritage.Art.Design (Former Hollywood Road Married Police Quarters, Hong Kong)


Recurrence - Exhibition of Young Artists from Cross-Strait Regions (AFA Beijing, China)

  MIPAF – 3rd Macau International Performance Art Festival (Oxwarehouse, Macau /China)
  10th Anniversary Open Performance Art Festival (OPEN Realization Contemporary Art Centre, Beijing /China)
OPEN 10 周年國際行為藝術節(中國/北京˙OPEN實現當代藝術中心)
  Arts Conference 2009 (Venice /Italy)
  Utopia – Interpretation of New Era (Oxwarehouse, Macao /China)
  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Conceptual Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)
「心肺復甦法」觀念藝術展覽(香港˙C & G藝術單位)
  From May Fourth to June Fourth (Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Hong Kong)
  Living Room 2009 (Auckland /New Zealand)
  Hong Kong On the Move Live Art Local Tour (Hong Kong)
Inward Gazes – Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art (Museum of Art, Macau /China)
  Domestic Affairs (Galleri 21, Malmo, Sweden)
  The 7th Hong Kong Literature Festival (Central Library, Hong Kong)
  Hong Kong On the Move Performance Art Project (Hong Kong)
  Tupada Action & Media Art (TAMA) '08 (Manila, Dagupan /Philippines)


The 3nd China-Japan Performance Art Exchange Project (Xi'an) '07 (Xi'an /China)


2nd Macau International Performance Art Festival (MIPAF)
(Macau /China)


Hong Kong On the Move DaDao Live Art Event (Hong Kong)


Taipei International Performance Art Festival (TIPAF) 2007 (Taipei /Taiwan)
台北國際行為藝術節(台 灣)


8 Areas Performance Art Exchange Exhibition (Chengdu /China)
八方行為藝術交流展(中 國/成都)


Our Voices (as part of Le French May 2007) (Hong Kong)
我們 的聲音(法國五月2007節目之一)(香港)


Cattle Depot Book Fair 2006 (Hong Kong)


Womanifesto (online project)


Nippon International Performance Art Festival (NIPAF) '06
(Tokyo, Nagoya, Nagano, Kumagaya /Japan)


Hong Kong On the Move Performance Art Project (Hong Kong)


Km.0 URBANO International Artist Workshop (Santa Cruz /Bolivia)


Inward Gazes - Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art (Macau /China)


Dowda Happening (Hong Kong)
多 大事件(香港)


I pledge (not) guilty (Hong Kong)


Live Art Workshop (Taipei /Taiwan)


The 2nd DaDao Live Art Festival (Beijing /China)


HKDesires - Media Arts Master Class Show (Hong Kong)


LIVE+MAY (Hong Kong)









Research Projects (selected)

Jan 2013-present

Performing the Identity: Performative Practices of Post-Colonial Hong Kong Art
- PhD thesis, Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University
Using an auto-ethnographic methodology, my research will focus on the performative practices of Hong Kong contemporary art, from live art or performance art, to photography or video art that feature the artists’ presence, as well as activism participated by artists during the post-colonial period.


Archiving Frog King’s collection
- for Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
Working with the Hong Kong pioneering performance artist Kwok Mang-ho (aka Frog King) to digitalise and archive part of his documents of his early and later works and practices since the 1970s in Hong Kong and New York; recording his oral history according to the digitalized materials.

Jan-Dec 2007

A Glimpse into Performance Art in Indonesia
- as part of the Indonesia Visual Art Archive and Asia Art Archive’s Research Exchange programme
I visited 3 cities in Indonesia, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta, and conducted a small-scale research project on the performance art scene in Indonesia. Throughout the month of July, I identified 10 key performance artists or groups in the three cities for interviews which aimed to review their practices and the development of performance art in Indonesia. This research project aims to collect archival materials for further research in the field.

Jan-Dec 2007

“Talkover/Handover" - Dialogues on Hong Kong Art 10 years after 1997
- for Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
The research aims to collect materials of Hong Kong Art during the 1997 Handover and facilitate dialogues between artists who has been active then and now.  A list of contemporary art events during 1997 has been constructed and video interviews have been conducted.  An exhibition was held as a result of the artists' dialogues.

 Jun 2005
 - Dec 2006

Hong Kong Performance Art
- for Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong
The first-ever chronology of Hong Kong performance art (1975-2005) was constructed.  The research also consisted of peer-to-peer artists' interviews, extensive documentation of performances, talks, seminars or related event; a broad range of related materials had been developed in the Asia Art Archive's collection.

Jul 2004
- Apr 2006

Inter-disciplinary Arts in Hong Kong
- commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Development Council
The research consisted of a survey and ethnographic studies of practitioners in the field, comparative case studies of related funding systems in Hong Kong, the UK and Australia and a practice-based research.  Suggestions had been made for the strategic development and policy-making for inter-disciplinary arts in Hong Kong.

Curatorial Projects

Oct 2009
- Sep 2011


""See Through" 隔牆有
Woofer Ten, Hong Kong
A monthly live art programme, in which artists are invited to stay inside the windows of Woofer Ten at Shanghai Street, an experimental community art centre for a day and explore the possibilities of live interaction with the neighbourhood community.

Jul 2007


"Talkover/Handover" -- Dialogues on Hong Kong Art 10 years after 1997
1a space Hong Kong
Co-curated the research-based exhibition with Selina Ho aiming to generate critical discourse on post-97 Hong Kong art.  Totally 23 local artists from different generations joined the project and exhibited their work as a result of their dialogue on the topic.

Jul 2004
- Jan 2005


"i-D Generation -- Living Art Expo" i-D兒女--公展生活2004
Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre, Hong Kong
Co-curated the community arts and educational project with On and On Theatre Workshop; part of the artist-in-residence scheme in the Civic Centre.  An exhibition follows a series of workshops facilitating participants to do work of art in everyday life context.

3 May 2003


Hong Kong Arts Centre
Curating the first “live art" show in Hong Kong, exploring the space of art and performance.  This 1-day event was part of the"New Space Movement" of Hong Kong Arts Centre.

May - Aug 2003


Hong Kong Arts Centre
Curating and producing the interdisciplinary creative platform which facilitated dialogue between artists from different disciplines.  Seminars, exhibition and a series of experimental theatre performance as a result of the crossover took place.

Residency & Grant (selected)

May-Jun 2010

Indonesia Visual Art Archive (Jogjakarta /Indonesia)
as Resident Assistant Coordinator

May-Jun 2010

Franklin Furnace Archive (New York /USA)
as Resident Assistant Coordinator

Mar-Apr 2010

Vermont Studio Center (Johnson /USA)
Artist in residence

2005 -

Dawei Charitable Foundation
sponsorship for artist studio space


Videotage - FUSE artist-in-residence programme
Artist in residence


Km.0 URBANO International Artist Workshop
Artist in residence


Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Commission grant for Research on Interdisciplinary Arts in Hong Kong


Hong Kong Arts Development Council
Grant for publishing the book “×××……", a collection of arts and cultural reviews plus creative writings

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